Tips And Tricks

Asterisk tips and tricks

This page includes references to various tidbits of information that may assist you in your configuration of the Asterisk Open Source PBX. The documents are often contributions of Asterisk users, documentation of solutions they’ve created in their implementation.

How to start with Asterisk:

  • Asterisk rollout tips: Advice on how to deploy an Asterisk production system
  • Asterisk installation tips
  • Getting Gnophone to work

SIP connectivity:

  • See: Asterisk Configurations for connecting with VOIP providers
  • Letting SIP clients connect directly without media through asterisk

ISDN BRI and modems

  • modem.conf: The configuration file
  • Asterisk: How to connect with ISDN4Linux
  • Asterisk: How to connect with CAPI
  • zaptelBRI: 4 port ISDN hardware